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Canvas UI

Canvas Cloud

Canvas Cloud is a fully featured, OpenADR 2.0 VTN delivered as a SaaS solution. You will be provided with a namespace and login, and you can connect VENs and use the full OpenADR 2.0 protocol without having to install any software locally. Users will only have access to the UI (not the back end) and should reference this section.

Access Canvas Cloud at

An administrator account should already be set up for you, and credential shared by email. Email if you have not yet received it.

Access the page and enter your login credentials.

Canvas Cloud is primarily for testing and demoing functionality of a certified OpenADR 2 VEN. It is not a sufficient tool for developing a VEN from scratch or debugging your VEN - the right tool for that is the official OpenADR test harness.

Sections in this documentation

Also refer to the troubleshooting and faqs for further help.

The sections document some common uses for Canvas Cloud, and are not necessarily exhaustive. For any further questions, please email