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VTN Configuration Notes

Some useful reference notes while using the (mostly self-explanatory) VTN Configuration pages.


In OpenADR, targets are essentially a piece of metadata attached to an event when sent to VENs. They perform one additional function in Canvas: helping determine which VENs to send an event to. If an event is targeted at a specific resource ID, group ID, etc., then the event will be sent to any VEN that target is associated with. You can associate a target with any number of VENs.

VTN Parameters

The VTN ID will be sent to the VEN upon registration.

The Base URL affects the specific url that your VENs will poll. The path the VENs will poll is /oadrapi/ven/‚Äč<base_url>. Updating the base url will change the VTN url the VEN should poll, so make sure to update the VEN settings accordingly.